EGS-002A Lifesaving Emergency Rescue can

EGS-002A Lifesaving Emergency Rescue can

Model No.︰EGS-002A

Brand Name︰EMSS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 25 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

It is used as rescue tool when someone found with falling into water or sinking at sea,sea shore or river.

If person gets cramp suddenly or exhausted completely in surfing, swimming at river, lake, sea shore,it also can provide guard.

Equipped to boat, safety patrol vehicles, or located at some area as quick water rescue tools.

It wont be broken even it falls from the height of 4meters.

Temperature Resistance-20℃— 45℃.

Comes with 6 handles,Wavy handles.



Main material:HDPE,Nylon rope,PP webbing band

Available color: Orange

Dimension: 68x24x14cm

Rope length: 220cm


Bear weight ≤150KG

Packing: 4 pcs/Carton

Packing size: 70x43x35cm

N.W: 1.2 KG

G.W: 6.7 KG


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