Hot selling high quality EF-001D emergency bandage

Hot selling high quality EF-001D emergency bandage

Model No.︰EF-001D

Brand Name︰EMSS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1.5 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Composition:High elastic bandage and non-sticky pad;

Size: Bandage width 5cm,7.5cm,10cm,15cm;

        Normal stretched length 4m or any length according to client request

        Bandage size(Pad size), such as:

5cmx4m(5cmx5cm)       7.5cmx4m(7.5cmx7.5cm)

10cmx4m(10cmx12cm)   15cmx4m(15cmx15cm)



1. Elastic Bandage: Latex-free, 1.8 extension strength, average strength in pressing. 

2. Closure Clip: Additional Pressure on the wound for effective bleeding control

3. Non-stick Pad: Absorb 125 liter liquid at most, 

4.Clamp Bar: differentiate the traditional bandage clip or safety pin, could help to secure the 

bandage safely in place.

5.Applicable for different situation:Heavy injure in the following situations;

Military Training and Combat; Camping; Bush Walking; Ambulance; Household First Aid;

Vehicle Emergency Accident; Industrial First Aid. 

6.Comfortable in wrapping and easy in operation.


Instruction for use:

1 Place pad on wound & wrap the elastic bandage around limb or body part.

2 Insert elastic bandage into pressure bar.

3 Tighten elastic bandage and pull back, forcing pressure bar down onto pad.

4 Wrap elastic bandage tightly over pressure bar. Wrap over all edges of pad.

5 Secure hooking ends of closure bar into elastic bandage.

6 To remove emergency bandage, free hooking ends from elastic bandage.

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